As a retailer offering both online and in-store shopping services, sometimes you tend to ignore the experience of the in-store shoppers. In comparison with an online store, it is hard to know how many prospects become customers and what compels or hinders them. As such, without a good way to collect your in-store visitors’ data, it can be difficult to boost your conversion rates.

Here are three recommended ways of enhancing offline customer experience if you wish to increase conversions on your retail business:

Provide stellar customer services  

According to experts, many retailers do not care for offline customers as they do for their online counterparts. Poor services blow away these clients who expect to gain the same experience and feeling as they do when shopping online and through their mobile devices. Hence, to enhance your conversions, you must provide high-quality customer service both in the online and offline store arenas.

Develop a method of collecting vital information

As with online store, knowing the number of clients visiting your in-store retail is important. Importantly, it is essential to know what they want, bought and abandoned. However, this is a hard task as there are no cookies available on the online stores that ease the data analysis process.

Regardless of this aspect, new ways of generating such information are coming up. Integrating business intelligence systems can be a better way of collecting and analyzing in-store shoppers’ information.

 For instance, you can setup a mobile number through which the customers can give their feedbacks on your services and what they enjoyed or missed. This way, your retail would boost its conversion as well as collect vital information that would enhance decision making.

Digitize your in-store operations

One of the reasons why prospects will not convert into customers is a poor experience. In the 21st century, in-store shoppers especially those used to online stores expect the same level of experience in your brick and mortar store. As with online store they expect to use technology in all aspects of interaction.

As such, to win their heart, you have to install technological devices that would create an environment similar to the one your prospects experience on the virtual platform.


In summing up, to boost your conversions, you need to provide stellar customer service in both in-store and online platforms. Also, you have to develop ways of collecting vital data for your in-store prospects and lastly, ensure your in-store operations are in the same caliber with those of the online store through digitizing your retail operations.