As a startup or a veteran online entrepreneur dealing with boutique stores, one of your goals is to attract clients.  The type of information contained in your online boutique store site has a key role in convincing your prospective customers or send them away.  The pages on your online store are critical components with crucial information to the target clients.

However, you might be asking yourself whether you got the right pages or not. This article elaborates on the top three must have pages on your online boutique store website. Here they are:

‘About us’ page 

An ‘about us’ page is a fundamental component of your online store.  Your potential customers are eager to know who you are, how long have you been in operation and some bits of your history. Also, you clients are interested in knowing more about your brand, what the organization stands for and why it exists.

The page should be clear and concise as well as you need to talk more about the uniqueness of your brands from the rest. The aim of this page should be to answer the question ‘why us?’ Without an informative ‘about us’ page, it will be harder to convince the clients than crashing water with a hammer.

Contact Us

Have you seen an online boutique store website displaying quality products that you like only to find there is no way of contacting them? You a potential customer but did you buy from then? Of course, you didn’t.  Lacking a contact page in your online store is the best way to lose potential clients. Any customer visiting you store site may be having a question about your products. Hence, they need a way to reach you which is only through your contacts.

Products descriptions

Of course, you are selling boutique products. However, you need to display the on your online store so that potential customer can view them. Having an online store without a product page is like operating a shop without opening doors and windows. Do you think people will buy from you? Thus, it is essential to have a product description page. Some of the information you need to share on such a page are the boutique products you are offering, their prices, sizes and other specifications.


All in all, an online boutique store website is your window of the display in the virtual world. As such, you need to utilize it through offering information that will woo viewers into clients. Having the above three pages is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.