How to Set Up Your Instagram Store to Sell Your Products

When a discussion about selling products on social media comes up, Facebook is the first platform to come to mind. Pinterest and Twitter would obviously get a mention. In fact, Pinterest is rapidly gaining momentum in the online promotion and selling sphere.

However, more questions than answers will pop up when Instagram is mentioned as a product selling platform since you’re forbidden to even hyperlink in descriptions. Nevertheless, Instagram has started to become a magnet for generating leads for sales in this day and age. Many brands have realized that it’s a goldmine for advertising since it’s characteristically a visual platform. Specifically, Instagram can act as a portal to your store front, but the only catch is figuring out how to hack it. The most effective way is to set up an online store through Instagram. Make sure you have an ecommerce software that is effective and allows your customers to easily navigate on your website. Here are steps to set up an Instagram store:

Here are steps to set up an Instagram store?

Think up an interesting product to sell online

Take a moment to think up what interests Instagram users and look at what is already out there. Note that the key to making significant sales on Instagram is finding a fresh or unique product. Statistically, products in the beauty and fashion category sell a lot on Instagram. So if you’re pushing something fresh and unique, you’re bound to get substantial bites.

Find some online store inspiration elsewhere

Go on a research spree and find out a relevant successful Instagram store. Take time to see how it operates and note down aspects that make it a hit. Desist from just copying the idea, but let the idea be the hallmark of your Instagram store.

Sign up your Instagram store

The natural procedure to sign up is to key in your preferred username and password. Settle on a username that’s exceptional, with higher recall value. Just avoid long usernames that are hard to recollect. The idea is to enable your potential customers to find you with ease.

Settle on your profile picture

It highly recommended that you use the Instagram store’s logo as your profile picture. Upload your store’s logo into your new Instagram account and set it as your profile picture. If you don’t have a logo already, hire a professional to create one for you. The idea is to have an elegant and a professional-looking logo.

Start uploading your products to your Instagram store

Ensure the pictures you’re uploading are superior quality and upload one at a time to give your customers time to comment on individual photos. Also, add up vital information like payment systems and shipping associates. Your Instagram shop should now be up and running.

Link Your Instagram account to Inselly online store

Inselly is a marketplace for Instagram where all sales offers are synchronized, allowing users to search, sort and shop them with ease. You’ll need to connect your Instagram account to Inselly. The procedure is easy. Once you’ve signed into Inselly with your Instagram login and password, follow the prompts to the end.

Start gathering followers

Treat every follower as a potential customer. To begin gathering followers, link your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts. You can also link up your other social media accounts, as well as follow random people you think may be interested in your products.


Selling products on Instagram has become a cake walk these days. You can make a decent income off your followers by selling your products to them. Just ensure that you stay active by updating photos and re-uploading items each day, as you convince others to promote your products. And don’t forget to get customer feedback. Feedback is essential to gauge whether customers like your products or not.

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